13 Reasons Everyone Needs A Pisces Woman In Their Life

1. They make the best friends. Pisces women are stable and loyal. They don’t keep a large social circle, but they are devoted to the people they choose to bring in. They are the ones you call in a crisis, who will help you sort out whatever steps you need to take and feel better about everything by the time you hang up the phone.

2. They are incredibly empathetic and have high emotional intelligence. A Pisces will never start unnecessary drama or cause extraneous conflict. They will understand where you are coming from and adjust their means of communication to one that serves to make both of you feel better. There’s a reason you never hear about anyone’s crazy Pisces ex.

3. They have THE best taste in music. Your Pisces woman will send you links to the best playlists she curates on Spotify. Some of your favorite musicians will be people you discover through her.