Buying a B Funny Bong

Smokers have been using water pipes for over 2,000 years, and the newest designs are a great way to have some fun and be creative. Depending on the style of water pipe, you can choose from a straight tube or a funky shaped bong. Regardless of the shape, there is a bong for you. In addition to having a large bowl, bongs can also come with a variety of different percs.

The main components of a bong are a downstem and a bowl or stem. You load the herb into the downstem and into the bowl. The stem tapers slightly, so you can see exactly where you’re smoking. The bowl contains the herb, which is then filtered through the water to produce smoke with minimal tar and ash. This type of bong also features a ash catcher to capture ash before it enters the bong’s chamber.

Small bongs are a good middle ground option for those who want to use a bong discreetly. Unlike mini bongs, they are only a few inches tall. They’re also a great size for solo sessions or parties of two. And they’re easier to pack and transport, making them ideal for singles and parties with two or less. The size is also perfect for those who want to enjoy a cigarette but don’t want to make the entire party uncomfortable.