When You Finally Give Up On Him

It took a very long time, but you finally gave up on him.

You held out for a long time; you even convinced yourself that he would return. The thought of spending your life without him didn’t make sense—it wasn’t an option in your heart. The relationship through your eyes was magical, a divine union planned by some higher power.  Being loved by him was a feeling of complete surrender and trust. Being loved by him was an eternity of sadness that was made whole in the comfort of his arms.

He looked at you for so long as his best friend, his lover, and a true love destined for the end of time.

You felt beautifully out of control, like your feet never hit the ground, and the mere thought of him made you feel safe. You found your person. After years of heartache, an unexpected encounter made you believe in fate. You weren’t prepared for the aggressive way his love grabbed at your heart. He brought out the very best in you, abundant in all areas of your life. Once again, you believed in love and it took ahold of you like the perfect storm.